September 23, 2014

Tee Alignment

With the completion of our tee renovation process this spring it was time to do something to "renovate" the three remaining tees that were not rebuilt.  The tees on 9, 10, and 18 were deemed to be in acceptable enough condition and not in need of any redesigns to rebuild, so we have just been aggressively aerating and topdressing them in order to help level them out and firm them up some.

However, in the last 50 years on continuous mowing by different operators those tees have become shaped more like kidney beans than ovals, and are actually misaligned some.

We started the process this week of fixing those tees by using a string line to realign the tee down the middle of the fairway, and then sod cutting along those lines and flipping around the bentgrass and rough length sod on either side to recreate a more properly shaped and aligned tee by utilizing the grass that was already there.

Using a string line to realign and straighten the edge of 9 tee

Cutting and removing sod from 10 tee

Finished product on 10 tee now aims right down the middle of the fairway
and is much straighter along the edges

We even ended up with a little bit of extra bentgrass sod on 10 tee
so we added onto the front of the tee to bring the white tees a little
closer to the edge of the coulee.  Don't fall in off the front!

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