September 27, 2014

Hole 6 green progress

6 green continues to show signs of great progress after we reseeded the entire green about 3 weeks ago and cut all the cottonwood roots left of the green.  Furthermore, we have been mowing the green much less than the other greens, and have kept the mower and roller completely off the really thin areas.  Roping those areas off I feel has helped even more, it is amazing how much damage golf shoes can do to bentgrass seedlings growing in a fragile bed of sand.

We will continue to baby the green the rest of the fall with some additional fertilizer, infrequent mowing, and trying to keep the areas that are regrowing out of play.  Please continue to help in the process by staying off the sandy areas that are roped off.

Early morning dew patterns demonstrate how much bentgrass seed
has germinated from the slit seeding process.

The thin areas on the left side of the green are looking better every day.
We will continue to keep the mower and roller off these areas the rest
off the fall in order to help the new seedlings establish.

Overall the green is looking much better, I am confident that with the
cottonwood roots have been cut off, and with a significant amount more
bentgrass growing, 6 green will be one of our best greens next summer.

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