October 18, 2012

Rainout....A Double Edged Sword

Well, unfortunately the last two days have been almost an complete rain out on the course, meaning we haven't been able to get much work done on all of our projects.  On the upside however, we are getting some much needed moisture that will seriously help the health of our turf going into winter.  I feel pretty confident this year with all the moisture we have received now in October, that assuming we get a nice blanket of snow on the ground at somepoint in November we should be set up for a good start next spring (assuming we only get enough snow to cover the ground with, not enough to cause a flood.....fingers crossed.)

While we have been stuck at a standstill the last few days on our projects, the last 2 weeks have been pretty nice and we were able to get a lot done. 

If you haven't been able to get out on the course recently, here is a little update:

  • 17 tee has been rough shaped
  • 15 tee has been rough shaped and a small retaining wall added as a cart parking area
  • 8 tee has been rough shaped, irrigation reconfigured, the OLD irrigation leak has finally been fixed, and the pad for the alternate tee box on the other side of the cartpath has been built
  • The concrete cartpath from 7 green to 8 tee has been poured
  • The bunker right of 8 green has been torn apart in order to place the sand on the teebox for 8.  The bunker is getting rebuilt significantly closer to the green to try and bring it more into play.
  • The cartpath along the retaining wall on 14 tee has been regraded.  We will be pouring concrete there next week sometime when it dries out a little bit.

New retaining wall and cart parking area along 15 tee

Mike, Andy, Jeff, and Tony (and myself):  your GFCC professional
flatwork concrete installation crew.  We DO NOT hire out.  Concrete work
is hard, dirty, and generally not much fun.  We poured 64,000 lbs of concrete
in 2 days....we all hope you enjoy your nice new paths next year!

Putting the finishing touches on.

I've heard that this irrigation leak by the cartpath by 8 tee has been around
for a long time.  Your eyes do not deceive you:  that 6" mainline is really
as kinked as it looks.  A cast iron megalug was the only possible fix.

Tearing up the old asphalt by 14 tee.  Incase you can't tell
that old asphalt was laid directly on top of grass, no gravel
base at all....

Bunker destruction by 8 green.  The new bunker will be approximately
half the size as the old one, but twice as likely to come into play.

1 comment:

  1. What computer models are you using to deduce that the bunker will be twice as likely to come into play? Sounds like 47% of stats which are made up. Great ball strikers of low irons (Myself) will never find that bunker, ever. So you keep trying and I will keep beating you. Concrete work is thankless and terrible, glad to see you did it right though and laid down a good bed rather than asphalt on grass. Is there anything special that you will do to 17 tee box that will prevent it from shifting and warping when it floods again (fingers crossed in 25 years) ?