October 6, 2012

A Blogger's Wish Shall Be Granted...

I believe it was only about a week ago, when I posted a blog about our continuing drought, how dry September had been, and closed with the statement "October really needs to bring us some serious, soaking, beneficial rains."

It sure is nice to know that someone is listening.  Wednesday and Thursday this week brought our first good low pressure system in over a month.  While the weather station on campus here in Grand Forks recorded .70" of total precip, my rain gauge at the course had closer to 1.50" in it.  Hard to know sometimes with snow stuck on top of the guage exactly how much should have been in there.  Regardless, we definitely needed that good shot of precip.  Although it mostly fell as 4" of extremely wet snow, all the better.  As the snow slowly melted over the next day, the moisture was able to totally soak into the ground as it did.

White stuff coming down pretty heavy on Thursday morning.
A beautiful day for a fall round of golf.
The melting snow helped us make quite a mess on Friday as we were
shaping the new cartpath from 7 green to 8 tee.  The show must go on...

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