July 20, 2016

Tuesday Storm

The Tuesday evening storm brought us 2.4” of rain at the golf course in about 25 minutes and perfect weather for disease to grow. Fortunately, we have been current with our fungicide preventative applications that we haven’t really had any issues yet.

Ash tree split in half by 4 fairway

We had wind gusts up to 50 mph, but we only lost half of a large ash tree and a few small branches on the course. When I took a drive thru the golf course around 9:30 pm after the storm, there was standing water everywhere. Fairways such as 4, 6, 11, and 1 looked more like small lakes than fairways. Luckily, most of the water had soaked in overnight and we only had to run a few pumps for the morning hours.

6 Fairway 

Ditch between 11/12

Bunkers were a disaster. When it rains that hard, a lot of the sand on the top face tends to wash down to the bottom of the bunker. It took 4 of my staff members most of the day on Wednesday to get the bunkers back into playable shape.

Cart paths also washed out pretty badly. We spent many hours grading the paths back into drivable shape today. 

The crew worked hard in the hot and humid temperatures today and they definitely deserve a pat on the back. Hopefully we don’t get this same rain event tonight as the weather is in favor for it.

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