August 26, 2013

Countdown to Ignition

After trimming the thousands of Ash trees on the course all summer, our tree limb dumping areas were starting to get a little spread out.  Today I rented a skid steer for an hour just to push the branches up into a pile so that we would have some more area to dump more limbs.  I must say, it really hit me while pushing up the piles how many trees we have trimmed so far this year.  So far there are a total of 4 piles of brush, each about 40 feet across and probably 10-15 feet high.

Deep down inside of me, the pyromaniac instincts of my childhood are welling up with excitement to light all of these.  Once the first good snowfall is on the ground this fall, the propane torches are coming out and the hotdog roasting sticks are getting sharpened.  Stand back, I think they might be a little toasty....

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