June 7, 2012

More Irrigation Updates

Well, this time we broke the irrigation system on purpose, as opposed to it happening by accident.  In what is looking more and more like it is going to be a hot and dry summer, we are going through the process of making sure we have a quick coupler for a hose hookup at each of our greens.  This will allow us to water the greens by hand during the hot and dry times when the overhead sprinkers aren't sufficient enough.  Since the spacing of the irrigation heads around the greens is so terrible, after we run the irrigaiton on them, some areas of the green usually end up extremely wet, while some areas on the same green hardly receive any water at all.  Having the ability to specifically water only the dry areas on the green by hand will allow us to much better manage the rootzone moisture to be more uniform across the entire putting surface.  It will also allow us to better address problem areas such as the ones on 6 green and on the back of 18 green.

While most modern irrigation systems have a quick coupler right by each green, our 1984 system is run off zones, meaning that any quick couplers we do have are located on the mainline, which sometimes runs up to 100' away from the green. 

We started this week on 9 green, which had no quick coupler by it at all, and has had a problem with dry spots on it since I've been here.  The irrigation mainline runs about 80' behind the green, so after we dug up and tapped into the mainline we ran an additional 65' section of pipe up closer to the green to put the quick coupler on. 

Next on the list for a new quick coupler is 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 16. 

Kevin and Blake did an awesome job digging the entire 65' trench by hand
and then backfilling and sodding it to perfection in near 90 degree heat.

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