April 20, 2012

A Busy Two Weeks

Andy displaying the glamorous part of being an Asst. Superintendent
while working on a mainline fix on hole 10.

We seeded some sunflowers and prairie wildflowers into
the native grass areas by hole 2, 3, and 6.

Slit seeding some bentgrass seed into the areas in the collars
where the Poa in struggling this spring.

Shaping the new bunker on hole 15.

Allie learning about "grass babies" as she calls them, looking for
bentgrass sprouters on one of the new tee boxes.

New irrigation line on the new elevated tee box on 14.

One of the downfalls of pumping water straight out of the river to the
irrigation pond, and no inlet screen on the pumpstation...fish parts
clogging the irrigation heads.

Reseeding some of the rough areas that died in the summer flood last year,
we seeded the left side of 9, right side of 15, right side of 18, both sides of 17,
the slot between 7 and 10, the bottom of the driving range, and the fire pit area.

Another nice implement resurrected from the "boneyard", an old spring
tiner for discing in the seed on the newly regraded area by 8 tee.

Finally getting started on the wall for 14 tee.

New sand bottle holder area completed, the open triangle in the front
will be planted with a colorfur array of flowers as soon as the
weather warms up a bit more.


  1. If the course doesn't flood for the next couple years, the GFCC could probably get a major championship, probably the British Open. I do find it unfair that Andy does all the work and Sam just takes pictures, just saying.

  2. This is impressive, to say the least . . .