February 9, 2012

New stuff

 A few new things for everyone to look for this spring once golf season gets underway:

First off, the old red/white/blue 150 yard stakes indicating pin placement depth on the greens will go away.  All the stakes will be left white, solely as a yardage marker.  The golf carts will be fitted with a new information sheet holder on the inside of the roof of the cart that will hold our new pin placement sheet.  I went out last fall and drew a detailed sketch of each green, and then located six general zones where we tend to place our pins.  Some greens end up with lots of front placements, some greens have a lot of middle placements, but most don't have a lot of back placements due to the severe slopes on the backs of the greens.

Pin placements will be chosen at random throughout the week, by either myself or Andy, who are really the only ones who ever cut new cups during the golfing season.  The nice thing about this pin sheet is that I designed it myself in photoshop, so if we ever decide to rearrange the pin placements I can just pull up all my files and a get new pin sheet put together in an hour or so.  I would assume that at least annually we will re do the placement sheet just to mix things up some.

Along with this, I decided it would be good also to display some sort of sign around the 1/10 tee area to notify golfers which pin location they will be playing that day.  As some of you may have noticed, the old green wooden holder that the extra sand bottles get stored in by the cartpath at 1 and 10 tee is in rough shape.  I figured it made sense to combine a new sand bottle holder with a sign for the pin locations.  So last week I spent a few days working at home in my wood shop in the garage and put this thing together....

Combined with the structure are two different compartments, one side with extra scorecards and pencils, the other side with extra pin sheets and divot tools.  In the middle is the pin location sign with a round cutout in the middle, I made a total of 6 wooden discs numbered from 1-6 that Andy or I will place in the sign holder when we go out to cut the related pin placement that day.

This will be mounted on a wooden post in the triangle between where the cartpath splits from 1 to 10 tee, but will likely be placed back a little further from the cartpath as the current sand bottle holder is.  I am thinking right now, that we will probably place some paving stones in the carthpath delta there to make a walking path to the get to the sign (and also so we don't have to mow any grass around it) and hopefully will find a way to work in a flower garden bed somewhere also to add some color to the area.

Should make for a fun project in the spring and hopefully spruce up the area at the start of the golf course!


  1. All these winter projects are fine and good but with this exceptionally dry winter, what are you and Andy doing to prepare for what could be a record spring hatch of chinch bugs? Gunga gulunga, gungala gunga

    1. We will need to take care of the gopher problem first and then get the Manganese deficiencies taken care of, then we will worry about the chinch bugs...