October 8, 2011

A new blog!

After reading more and more about how a lot of golf course superintendents are communicating the dynamics of the golf course to their members via a blog, I figured it was time I give it a shot.  This is my first blog, and hopefully turns into something that will develop overtime to help answer a lot of questions about the conditions of and projects on the golf course before they ever even have a chance to be asked!  Furthermore, for those of you who don't know, I have a hidden love of writing and photography, and this just gives me one more avenue to express those with. 
A view of holes 1 and 10 in the middle of July from the chimney of the clubhouse,
the highest point in eastern ND that I could find...

Upcoming topics for this fall will include all of the course improvement projects we are undertaking such as tee renovation/construction, total bunker destruction followed by rebuilding in the spring, regrading and drainage installation on holes 6 and 11/12, and a variety of ongoing tree removal and pruning.  Other posts will most likely deal with the weather, as I am a bit of a closet meteorologist, which I think happens to a lot of superintendents when you work 80 hours a week in the outdoors and the outcome of your job is almost always 100% dependent on what mother nature gives you to to work with.  Lastly, we will probably be covering some of the ins and outs of winterizing and putting the course to bed in preperation for a successful start to the growing season in 2012!

Please feel free at anytime to leave any comments or drop me an email if you have a question about the condition of the course or our current projects.

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  1. I look forward to your future updates. I worked on this course's grounds crew for 6 years. It's good to see it looks as good as ever.